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Two nights ago, I shoveled the driveway in a hoodie. The dog bounded through the snow like a giddy-Minnesotan-antelope. The wife grilled pork chops. We were full of hope. The combination of our deep snow pack, the warm air, and the poodle’s need for a haircut led to this situation:


Worth it.

This morning, we woke to more than ten inches of fresh snow. Heavy snow. Snow that knocked out power to thousands of Minneapolis homes. Our hearts broke. The weather man’s advice for the coming weeks?

“Abandon all hope.” Seriously, he said that:


I blame this weather, this lack of hope, for my inability to write. The bleakness of each day has sucked away my focus, my ability to string words together. Yes, that’s it. I’ll blame the weather. If you’ve noticed that this blog is suffering, blame the weather.

I do.

Daily Prompt.


We’re currently sitting at -7 here in Minneapolis:


The sun is out; clean white puffs of steam rise from homes and office buildings. Looking out my window (and not at the weather readings on my computer or phone) the day has promise. The air doesn’t look deadly. You can’t see the wind that will rip at your cheeks and wrists and find its way between the seams of your clothes.

I’m not sure how much more I can take.

On days like this, this wife drives me to the bus stop. We sit in the car and wait until the bus comes over the hill. She’s a good and patient wife. I’m lucky. Even from the depths of this winter misery I know that.

As the bus arrives at the University, the chatter falls silent. Hearty Minnesotans around me prepare for battle. Sleeves pulled over mittens. Scarves wrapped. Hats replaced. Hood pulled up. There is weight to their shoulders, a reluctance to exit the comparable warmth of the city bus.


At least in this melancholy there is a little beauty in stoicism.

Since we moved, I haven’t been as faithful to the gym as I’d like to be. On a good week I’ll get there twice. That’s ok, I tell myself, we’re still getting settled. Giving your body a rest is good and natural. While that may be true I’m just being lazy (and perhaps feeling a little of the winter blues).

But I do get there once in a while and last night I showed up to see this workout posted:

20 Minutes on the Minute
Evens: 40 seconds max Double-Unders
Odds: 30 seconds max Hang Squat Cleans (53lbs for me)

Great I thought, ten rounds of jumping rope. For the life of me I haven’t been able to do a double under. I can’t get my mind around it. When should I jump? When do I move the rope faster? Should I jump higher? What am I supposed to be doing with my hands? So I mostly stopped trying when double-unders are part of a WOD. For some reason, last night, I decided to try and get my head out of it. Guess what? It worked. Fuck yeah it did. I did 14 double-unders in two minutes.

It’s those little unexpected accomplishments that make crossfit awesome.

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