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All week, I’ve had one of those nagging colds. Not sick enough stay home or win me much pity but sick enough for me to be miserable. I’m tired. My body hurts. My head is full. I’ve got this little nagging cough that sometimes turns into full body coughs. I’m so goddamn tired. You’re welcome for the symptom list. The concerned poodle is tired of the list too:

So, I’ve been staring at all of my screens. That modern cure for boredom and sickness alike. Screens, screens, screens and Netflix – on a number of those screens – has been my friend.

Tonight (because night starts at 4:30 here in Minnesota) I watched Mark Duplass’s 2009 atypical bromance, Humpday.

Mark’s character and an old college buddy decided to make a porn for the Seattle amateur porn festival. Two straight men seriously discussing their sexual insecurities makes for surprisingly less awkward watching than you’d think. It’s a sweet film. Awkward in all the right Duplass ways.

That’s all I’ve got. Back to my other screens, my friends. Much love.


Minor hand surgery yesterday means no crossfit today, lots of poor-you looks from the girlfriend and the poodle, and an excess of time to druggedly watch movies. Yeah, my life is hard.

A few weeks ago we saw Your Sister’s Sister in the theater.

Last night we rented Jeff Who Lives at Home from Redbox.

You should see them. For reals, they are good and unexpectedly lovely. Duplass wrote and directed Jeff Who Lives at Home (with his brother Jay) and started in Your Sister’s Sister. The man has an eye for a good story. Both movies are built like really well-crafted short stories. Not much time passes. Nothing explodes or creates a national emergency. The characters are multifaceted which seems to be exceedingly rare these days. No one, not even the so called heroes of these tales, is perfect. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not above the occasional action flick or blockbuster but these movies have a special place in my heart.

While I whine about the tiny incision on my pinkie finger I need proof that other people are flawed too. Mark Duplass has given that to me, twice. Thanks, Mark.

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