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My wife and I got married because we love each other. We got married because that seemed like the next step in life. We got married because we could. (Thank you Iowa and Minnesota) Like a good modern couple the cohabitating, dog adopting, and mortgage came before the marriage. The wedding felt like a mere formality. An excuse to have a party. We didn’t think it would change much.

But it did. It changed something huge and intangible.

We aren’t dating any more. She isn’t my girlfriend. We are married. She is my spouse. She is my wife. These are words society at large understands. We don’t have to explain that our partnership is deep and true and real, these words do it for us.

Also being married got us a post on A Bicycle Built for Two. That’s kinda fun.

I love this girl.



We just returned from our delayed honeymoon in Cancun. We ate. We drank. We got a little sunburned (as one would expect of fair skinned Midwesterners in winter). We devoured our books and sat on the beach.

I couldn’t have asked for a more ideal honeymoon. Obviously we wanted to share it.

But we didn’t want to over share.

Instead of posting a picture of the view from our room… And our first frozen drinks. And our feet in the sand. And the lizard on the walk. And the beautiful plating of our first meal. And the look of love in my wife’s eyes. And the way she looked like she could take over the world, striding into the waves. And the way the light caught the clouds as the sun set over the bay.

Instead of posting all that glory we simply this out to the world:


This picture got nearly as many likes and comments as our engagement. People seem to like our love. Maybe they like our simplicity and restraint, too. I can’t say I disagree. It’s easy to get carried away – particularly when you’re in love. The world should know your joy. Our joy, however, seems to be a little more palatable in small doses.


Most of the conversation around Blue is the Warmest Color has revolved around the sex. And yes, there are three very explicit sex scenes. Scenes that, personally, I would rather not watch with a theater full of people. At the end of one such extended scene, a gay fella sitting in our row said “oh thank god that’s over.” But maybe that’s just me and puritanical friend.

Beyond the sensational sex scenes, the movie is pretty damn good. It is the portrait of a relationship, one that spans some awkward times. High school and college and first jobs. Young professional life. Our dear protagonists must find their footing in the world and with each other. Largely the emotions feel true – which gets big points in my book – and the acting is suburb (despite the fact that sweet Adele can’t remember to use a napkin when she eats):


With all the buzz around this movie, I hadn’t heard (or blocked out the fact) that it is three hours long. THREE! Like The Godfather and Schindler’s List and Titanic. THREE! I thought we were past that fad. I was more than a little wary of that benchmark but you shouldn’t be. I’m sure this movie will pop up at the Oscars so you might as well check it off your list.

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