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We hit twenty degrees by noon today and rejoiced. The poodle even found a stick within the waist high snowpack.


That’s one saving grace of subzero,  Polar Vortex weather; even below freezing weather feels promising. This glimpse of the future, this dose of hopefulness makes a little more winter seem bearable.

Just a little more though. Ok, mother nature?


Summer has disappeared but the poodle has been busy:


Our little poodle was sick for the first time last week – trust me you don’t want to know the details. I took half a day off work to get these expensive pictures taken of her:


All clear. Even in black and white she’s adorable.

Whatever she ate off the sidewalk isn’t lodged inside her somewhere. She doesn’t have a tumor growing around her tiny little stomach. Whatever she has seems to be something akin to the dog stomach flu and she is recovering.

Still, I’m glad we went to the vet. That day, however, I was a bit conflicted. Should I really leave work for my dog? Am I that dog-mom? Then I was angry about being conflicted. For the time being, this little poodle is my baby. Hell yes I should leave work. What if she is bleeding internally? What if she ate something poisonous? What if she is about to explode!? She isn’t exactly a wolf in the wilderness, capable of caring for herself – despite what she may think.

I am grateful for a work schedule that makes taking a half day possible. I am grateful for a boss and coworkers who understand what it means to shift your life around a dog’s health. I didn’t expect to be this kind of pet owner but I can’t imagine being any other kind.

Spring starts this week and Minnesota is teasing us with a bright blue sky. Blue sky and sun and a bitter cold you typicaly associate with mid-January. We know better than to try and fight it. I’m tired of making the best of a cold day. Our quick two block walk this morning was enough.

We’re just going to ignore the forecast and pretend that only the sun matters:


Happy St. Patrick’s Day, friends.

Crows the size of Chihuahuas circled our neighborhood all day. They distracted the poodle on her walk. They distracted me while I tried to read. When one landed on the roof he sounded like a full grown man walking around up there. His claws crunched across the snow until he peered over the edge and into our bedroom window.

I think it’s a sign. This neighborhood is no longer ours. The poodle knows it too:


She’s a brave little bird.

Also – that reminds me – did I mention we’re buying a house? A house. A wedding. Maybe even a real life garden.

2013 is going to be a big year for us. Stay tuned.

All week, I’ve had one of those nagging colds. Not sick enough stay home or win me much pity but sick enough for me to be miserable. I’m tired. My body hurts. My head is full. I’ve got this little nagging cough that sometimes turns into full body coughs. I’m so goddamn tired. You’re welcome for the symptom list. The concerned poodle is tired of the list too:

So, I’ve been staring at all of my screens. That modern cure for boredom and sickness alike. Screens, screens, screens and Netflix – on a number of those screens – has been my friend.

Tonight (because night starts at 4:30 here in Minnesota) I watched Mark Duplass’s 2009 atypical bromance, Humpday.

Mark’s character and an old college buddy decided to make a porn for the Seattle amateur porn festival. Two straight men seriously discussing their sexual insecurities makes for surprisingly less awkward watching than you’d think. It’s a sweet film. Awkward in all the right Duplass ways.

That’s all I’ve got. Back to my other screens, my friends. Much love.

Today really might have been the last warm day. All of Minneapolis seemed to be outside. Running. Biking. Walking the dogs. Yelling in the streets. (Our windows have been open all day, maybe that’s why the yelling seems so prominent. Kids these days.)

Then, we bought the dog a Halloween costume. I think she loves it.

You’re welcome.

(or earlier, let’s be honest)

Day three of the new job and I still wake up before the alarm. I anticipate it. I don’t want to wake the girlfriend or the poodle curled into a cinnamon roll at her knees. This won’t last. It can’t last.

On the plus side, nights on the couch with a glass of wine feel much more valid:

That poodle loves her some salad.

Today arrived and the girlfriend photographed me to prove it:

Other than being unable to let go of the poodle, the anxiety was for naught. Shocking, right? I arrived on time. My alarm didn’t fail. My head didn’t explode. I didn’t make a fool of myself – I don’t think – and the other new folks seem nice enough. What can I say? It’s a job.

I’ll let you know in a few months if the folks are so still nice.

The new job starts soon. Too soon it seems. Until then, I’m enjoying these last lazy late-summer afternoons and so is this sleepy poodle.

God, I love her but sometimes it seems like she is doing this stuff on purpose. Really, what dog needs a pillow? And how on earth am I supposed to get to crossfit with those little paws on my back? Damn you, poodle!

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