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The first phase of spring arrived in Minneapolis last week. Not the kind of spring most of the country would recognize. We won’t see tulips and patio beers and open window Saturdays for months. This part of spring is kind of gross.

Our layers of snow and ice have begun to melt. Lakes of brown slush form at each intersection and in potholes big enough to separate a tire from your car. Mountains of snow relinquish the odd objects they’ve swallowed throughout the winter: hubcaps, bits of trash, tree branches, a single shoe.

With this melt, our sweet poodle could finally get a long overdue haircut. The first in three months. We waited so long (too long) because we couldn’t bear to remove those curls. We couldn’t bear to see her tiny body shiver before we’ve walked even halfway around the block. She needed those curls to keep her warm through this hellish winter.

I give you the poodle, before and after:


Our fluffy lion turns into a delicate deer.


The wife watched a video on her phone while we waited for the potatoes to finish baking. A little dog yelped from within the phone. Our poodle jumped into action – to save us from the invaders, of course.

We still can’t convince her that her worry is for naught:


The poodle has always been a little spoiled, a little possessive. Both traits are amplified by the presence of other beloved animals. Today the cat has decided to stay in the newspaper basket instead of dealing with the dumb dog crashing at her house.

The ultimate rivalry.

It works until the dog remembers she is there and terrorizes her from above. Poor cat. We’ll be off soon – after this successful family-meeting adventure. Then, when we’re home, the dog can go back to not protecting us and sleeping through the night.

God… I talk about my dog like she is a baby. Sorry, guys.

Ok, I know I’ve been talking about my dog a lot. But she’s so flippin’ cute:

I know.

She has this orange ball (see it there in her mouth?). It is the most entertaining thing in the house. Far more entertaining than moms who want hugs and kisses. The poodle can spend half an hour pushing the ball with her nose, watching it roll away, then running to get it back. My heart fills with love for my self-reliant little pup.

On a not unrelated note, I have a job interview Monday. Maybe if I get the job I’ll stop watching my poodle roll a bouncing ball under the couch. Maybe not but wish me luck anyways.

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