A few years ago I lost touch with a friend (pictured below) under unclear circumstances.


She was mad at me? I was mad at her? Someone’s boyfriend didn’t like someone’s girlfriend? The weather here is too volatile? I honestly don’t know. Whatever the cause, we no longer speak. Ever. Not even the idle online chat we once frequented. When we briefly ended up in the same city last year, we made eye contact across a crowded convention center and she fled in the opposite direction.

Yes, it’s that bad and I can’t say why.

Then, this year, I gave into the Candy Crush lure. (Stay with me.) Not long after I connected the game to facebook, I got a notification. “Your friend has sent you a life. Accept?” After the reaction at the convention center I’d expected this friend to cut that last tie, to unfriend me on facebook, but she never did. Instead she sent me a life. A digital olive branch?

Now I’m trying not to read too much into this. It’s just a game. She didn’t actually reach out to me. She didn’t say hello to me at that convention center. She didn’t explain her disappearance from my life. She did, however, see my name with a bit of kindness. Enough kindness (or lack of repulsion) to agree to send me the life.

Maybe that’s a start.