The wife and I talk about babies.

Sometimes, as I try to fall asleep, my mind will spin before letting me drift off. Lately these thoughts bounce towards parenthood. Are we ready? Am I ready? How will a baby change our life? Will the dog like the baby? Will the baby like the dog? Is the school district we’re in any good?

The list is endless. Maybe the questions shouldn’t be answered.

One thing has become clear, as we talk and let our minds drift with the poodle tucked between us, that even though we treat our dog like a child, she is not. We can leave her alone for hours on end. She generally does not wake us in the middle of the night – except to alert us of monsters breaking into the house. She is our responsibility but she doesn’t (entirely) control our lives.

Then again, I’d argue that she has taught us at least one important thing; she has taught us how to talk to each other about another being whom we both love. We talk about her diet and her poops and her mood. We must agree on how to discipline her. We have to have these conversations and occasional disagreements like adults. This can be hard when we have divergent opinions and we’re both right. Eventually we figure it out.

If we’re ready or not, I think the dog will be happy for us to dress up a baby instead of her:


Little does she know, we’ll never stop:


She’s so cute when she’s mad!