I grew up watching The Real World, watching these kids try to be someone their roommates and the TV viewing world would like (or hate). By the thrid season they all knew they were playing a character. It was fun. Drama filled but fun. These kids were the picture of 90s awesomeness:


Maybe The Real World should have stayed in the 90s.

As of last season, filmed in Portland, Oregon, I’m done.

I can’t.

The tipping point didn’t come when I graduated college. It didn’t happen when I turned 24 and realized I was older than these kids. I didn’t care that cast wasn’t made up of real people anymore (they are models, even the so called freaks among them). When my deployments made me wary of the self-righteousness of American youth, I could still watch the show. We all have our guilty pleasures, after all.

The break came when The Real World starting allowing violence. The producers quite clearly said they gave zero shits when they let Nia sucker punch two of her roommates:


Then she wasn’t kicked out. On the contrary she seemed quite pleased with herself. Disturbingly happy with causing injury to other humans. That had always been the line on previous season: violence. Say whatever you want but don’t touch someone. So much as a shove and you’re out. That line let the drama build, it forced these kids to use their words. Now it’s just a free-for-all bloodsport.

Shame on you MTV, taking away my guilty pleasure.