Last week I had a beast of a cold. The kind that knocks you out and fills your brain with mush. This was also the week before my honeymoon. A week earmarked for healthy living and vigorous exercise. I fully intended to go to crossfit all of the days. Instead, I slept and slept and slept. The poodle helped:


Midweek I thought, – “Hey, I’m not so sick. I’ll go to crossfit.” I went. We did front squats, broad jumps, lunges: all of the things that make my legs turn to jelly. It’s amazing how mind over matter can work; I dragged myself to the gym so I was able to do the workout. Maybe I didn’t lift as much, maybe I didn’t jump as far but I did it.

Should I have done it? That’s another question.

I have a hard time distinguishing between real sickness and something more akin to mental fatigue. Am I really sick or is it the weather or the time change? Maybe I don’t feel well because I want to be hibernating. As an adult I should know better. I should listen to my body when it begs to curl up next to the dog when I should be going to work. I should take the colorful snot as a sign of sickness, not a seasonal decoration. I should but I don’t always.

At any rate, I’m feeling much better now. Thanks Alka-Seltzer! (seriously try this stuff, it’s so underrated)