Last weekend, my best friend got married.

The wedding couldn’t have been more perfect. The bride looked stunning. The groom couldn’t stop smiling. We danced and ate and drank and ate some more and danced some more. It was goddamn perfect.

While we were running around before the wedding – picking up the dress, getting the bride’s hair and make-up did – we ran across this bus:


Yes, that’s right. A little bit of celebrity right here in Des Moines. (Don’t act like Jeff Timmons wasn’t your favorite boy bander – he’s certainly mine now.) As shocking as it might be, Des Moines doesn’t see many celebrities. We have the occasional musician or comedian come to town for a show. Ashton Kutcher returns home once in awhile. Then there is election season – which is another beast entirely – but generally we live up to our flyover status.

Though the picture doesn’t quite show it I love the contrast of these two people. My friend on her wedding day. All sunshine and future rainbows ahead. Then there is Jeff – clinging to the last bit of celebrity. Don’t get me wrong, he was a sweet guy and very pretty but it’s hard not to feel desperation rolling off a bus plastered with shirtless men.

Still, it was a nice to have this little bit of outside celebrity with our own weekend celebrity. With that, let’s call this one the bride and stripper: