The wife was out of town this weekend so I crawled into a hermit hole – just me and the dog against the world. It’s been a challenge crawling out today. Back at work. Back in the world. People expect so much more conversation than poodles. It’s ridiculous.

Anyway, I caught up on some zombie things with all my free time.

World War Z was an obvious first choice because I’m brave:


Running zombies don’t even scare me. Running zombies. Like sprinting, maniac zombies. Are you fucking kidding me? Boy did I miss my slow moving Walking Dead fellas. I didn’t give up and hide behind my hand because our terrifying zombie friends in WWZ make this orca noise – or some aquatic creature sound, sonar-ish – that’s simply not scary. That and I knew there weren’t going to kill gorgeous Brad Pitt with his casually long hair. Our narrator was safe. I’m not sure I recommend the movie though.

The thing I like about zombies is the apocalypse. How do people keep going? How does society crumble or rebuild? World War Z is about the outbreak. We have little sense of how anyone will rebuild. Thankfully I had two episodes of The Walking Dead waiting for me on Sunday to fix my zombie ennui.


After that sunny opening on the first episode with Rick in the garden, some fresh meat on the grill, some community, a little story-time/knife lesson for the kids, I thought we had some hope. A possibility of life. Nope. Everyone dies. Or nearly dies. At least Carol has the balls to teach the kids now to fight – though I’m not sure how I feel about her other ventures.

I like this show but it feels a little aimless right now. Maybe I just got spoiled by the brilliance of Breaking Bad. Wake up AMC, I’m counting on you to make my Sunday nights awesome.