This isn’t a movie about children of divorce – though I suppose the title doesn’t exactly suggest that it is. It’s a movie about stereotypes and one terrible couple (Catherine O’Hara and Richard Jenkins). It’s a comedy that’s more drama or maybe it’s a drama with a weird sense of humor. I’m just not sure. Maybe you’ll have a better time with it if you go in knowing that the movie is a little unsure of itself.


As a child of divorce myself, I have some opinions on the topic. I never have much patience for people who blame their adult problems on their parents’ divorce – though that feels like a controversial thing to say. What do I know about anyone else’s experience? Nothing. All I know is that my parents got divorced and that’s a thing that happened in my life. It’s not good or bad but it happened.

Enough of that hippie-dippy, psychoanalytic silliness.

Back to the move… I love Catherine O’Hara. She is quick and offensive and unexpectedly warm and a little gross. She’s great. She certainly as the best lines in this movie. Maybe I’ll have to go watch a Christopher Guest film to cleanse my palate.