This morning I walked in the office to this question:

“What’s that thing called that lets a girl stand up and pee?”
“I don’t know, man. Google it. Look up something like female urinal.”
“I don’t think I should google that at work.”
“Yeah probably not.”

I spend most of my day at a computer. This means, even when I’m busy I have one or two distraction windows open – facebook or buzzfeed or wordpress. Maybe something more specific the Wikipedia page for Margaret Schilling who died in a mental institution in 1978. Her body, it is said, left an impression on the floor that can still be seen today.

Let’s blame the imminence of Halloween for the gruesome breadcrumb trail that led me to this search. Now who should be more worried? My coworker with this search for the Go Girl (yes, we found it) or me and my ghoulish searches on defunct mental hospitals? Maybe we both should worry.

In the meantime (to kill a little time and help the workday pass) I would recommend this review of the six “Scariest Abandoned Mental Asylums in America” by the Stuff You Should Know guys.