The wife and I were a part of this weekend’s box office busting turnout for Gravity.


Between the two of us, the reviews are split. I loved it. She didn’t.

The movie is, at turns, gorgeous and gruesome. The latter I hadn’t expected. I expected tension and terror and isolation. The movie is so much more than that. Sandra Bullock, both in her spacesuit and out, proves worthy of the Oscar buzz that has been spinning for weeks.

Well, I thought so. The wife is less convinced.

She didn’t find the dialogue or the tension up to the hype. I’ll admit the screenplay won’t win any awards. The backstories are a little predictable but I’m ok with that. The focus is the terror. The vastness of space. I must disagree with her about the tension, however. I gripped her leg from the opening scene to the end. I couldn’t imagine how Bullock would survive each consecutive peril. How does a person function under such trauma? This was simply the most compelling action movie/big budget movie I’ve seen in years.

We don’t often disagree on movies – or much else. Maybe that’s a good sign for the movie. It’s worth talking about and pulling apart and finding the merits. Give it a go. Let me know if I’m in the minority on this one.