Joseph Gordon-Levitt wrote, directed and stars in the new film Don Jon. As the muscle bound, porn-loving, good Catholic boy Jon, Gordon-Levitt is absolutely charming. Paired beside Scarlett Johansen, you can’t ask for a better almost Rom-Com.

Just don’t go into this movie expecting the guy to get the girl.


If you’ve seen the previews you probably saw the gender rolls conversation coming. A big strong man seduces a woman in a tight dress at a club. A story as old as time.

In general I’m not a huge fan of the gender norms conversation. The whole issue feels a little circular. There is a scene in the movie, however, that screams to be discussed. ScarJo tells our beloved Don Jon that it’s not sexy for a man to clean his own apartment. Jon responds that he likes to take care of his stuff but she won’t back down.

I can only wonder, is this a real thing? Are there really women out there don’t want their men to participate in good ol fashion women’s work? Is this still women’s work? (There are far more male than female janitors at my university these days.) Before this scene I just took the compulsion that Jon cleans his apartment as part of the whole picture. He keeps everything nice. His body. His soul (confessions every week). His apartment. She saw it differently.

It’s only when I ask myself questions like this that I think, “Huh, I guess I really don’t understand straight couples…” When you see the movie let me know what you think. And yes, I think you should see the movie.

You won’t be disappointed.