Yesterday we did max height box jumps (otherwise known as jumping on top of the tallest thing you can) at Crossfit. The trainer at my gym was very excited, too excited maybe. She gets excited because some kids at the gym do things like this:

box jump

I cannot do that.

My box jumping skills are fine. During the workouts I always do the prescribed height of 20” for girls. I hit 24” and 29” just fine. Then we stacked up to 33” and I fell down. I slammed myself into the side of those stacked plates and bruised the shit out of my ankle.

I wish that little bit of failure encouraged me to try harder, do better. Nope. It does not. It scared me. Maybe in a month or two I’ll try again. For now, however, it simply seems unnatural for a human to move upward from a static position and land on her feet a full meter above where she started. That’s just madness.