A friend has been telling me to read this for months.


I trusted his recommendations until he told me to watch this:


Unless you’re 14, don’t bother.

But I thought I’d give him a chance to redeem himself. After all, The Sisters Brothers did seem up my alley. A little murder. A little history. A chance for redemption. Sure, sign me up.

Dewitt creates a fantastic world for the brothers to wander about in as our dear narrator, Eli Sisters, questions his purpose in life. More importantly he questions his profession as a roving bounty hunter-murderer. The characters are interesting. The setting is beautiful. The chapters are short. It was shortlisted for the Booker. What more can one ask? If you’ve got the time, and the space on your to do list, give it a read.

(When you get to section two, come back and talk to me, I’ve got some things to say about that but I don’t want to give anything away.)