I beg to disagree.


I eagerly await each year’s Best American Essay’s collection. A handy little survey of my favorite genre. Even when folks moaned about David Brooks being granted the guest editor position this year I still had hope. He wouldn’t be writing the essays; he would simply pull them together. He would pile the years nonfiction gems into a little heap and alphabetize them. That’s it, right? Oh how wrong I was.

This year’s collection was a disaster. No exciting experimentation with form or style. Hell there wasn’t even much exciting content. These felt like near academic essays and let’s not even discuss why only six of the twenty-four essays were written by women.  These do not represent the best work American essayists have to offer. It’s too bad the great writing that happened this year didn’t get the chance to be honored in this esteemed collection.

I’m disappointed Mr. Atwan.