My mother told the story of my birth, as she does most Thanksgivings. She didn’t feel well. She thought it was indigestion. Alas, I was born after two enormous Thanksgiving dinners and lots of family advice.

Great story right? Even better when you get to hear it over a turkey dinner each year.

Beyond the story time, my tradition is Rainbow Chip Cake (if you haven’t had it, please go buy it and make it now):

Nom nom

…and the birthday decorations my mother puts up for everyone. Streamers. Some shiny foil birds. A Happy Birthday banner. The decorations sit in a box in the closet and have for years until someone’s birthday rolls around. When they show up again I feel a little corner of my heart become a kid again. I love that we use the same ones. Now those silly little birds mean birthday to me, they make me smile.

Maybe next year, when I’m the 3-0 I’ll grow up, but I hope not.