Last weekend, I finally finished a book. And a damn beautiful one at that. After falling in love with Collum McCann’s Let the Great World Spin I knew I had to read more of his work.

Dancer follows Rudolf Nureyev from his childhood in an impoverished rural Russian village to his glitzy adult life on stages across the world. Each section is at once beautiful and heartbreaking. Rudolf charms everyone who passes through his life and we get to see the world from both his POV and that of his family, friends, teachers, and admirers.

My only hang up came with these constant POV shifts. The variety is nice, don’t get me wrong. A little of the female perspective. A little from the mother. A little from the gay admirer. A little from the child. Lovely. Yet many of the perspectives are in the first person. That glaring I pops out then pages and pages pass before a character claims the I. You’ll get used to it but prepare yourself for some unsettled reading time.