Last night, even though I was feeling pretty sorry for myself for working an eight hour day, I got myself to Crossfit and I’m glad I did. A half an hour of interval rowing flooded my brain with endorphins. Rowing sneaks up on me. My arms tire. My heart rate jumps up. All good things, of course, but unexpected to my sleepy self.

After the workout, I made an effort to make small talk. It’s harder for me at the gym than other places. I only know these people in the context of sweat and ugly lifting faces and rope burns and torn calluses. Intimate moments, sure, but specific. Somehow the conversation rolled around to political yard signs – marriage equality signs, in particular. Suddenly Vote Yes signs have begun to pop up.

“Scares the shit out of me,” I said, without thinking of my audience.

“Me too,” the six girls agreed.

What a nice surprise. These people who I assumed would be a mixed bunch ended up on my side. The side that I hope is the right side of history. It’s moments like this that embolden me to trust the world – at least the South Minneapolis world. Even if there had been a hater among them, the majority had my back.  I have to trust that.