The statistics tab is one of my favorite functions on wordpress. It’s like overhearing a fraction of a conversation. I can’t help my curiosity. Who are these people? What brings them to my little blog? Where do they live? Are they having a good day? How do they find me?

The more I’ve written, the less focused these statistics seem. For example, when I saw Will Ferrell’s movie The Campaign this summer I mentioned a few awkward moments. In particular, a brief nip slip, as the kids call it. That wasn’t the focus of the post but that has become the most common search term on my blog. Seriously, here are the stats from this morning:

Yeah, that’s right, some people out in the world associate my name with the phrase nip-slip. Not the Midwest. Not book reviews or writing. Not poodle love. Not the Army. Not even my obsession with the oddness of my neighborhood. Nope, just nip-slip.

Why are people searching for this so often? Ya know what? I don’t actually want to know.

A part of me wants to be annoyed. I’m more than one offhand comment about a single nipple. I am more than a brief review of a not too popular Will Ferrell movie. Really though, I’m happier than I should be that people are finding me somehow.

God, it’s true, I’m nerd.