I waited for this novel to come out in paperback because I’m stubborn but I wasn’t disappointed. Not by the book and not by the new cover art.

Some books without much in the way of plot of end up being wonderful reads and some simply suck. The Marriage Plot fell into the first category. While Eugenides’ other books (The Virgin Suicides and Middlesex) delivered complex plotlines with tragedy and joy and death and love, The Marriage Plot ran a more level course. Yet I loved them all.

Though I didn’t particularly care for two of the three main characters, my only significant sticking point throughout the novel was its setting in the 1980s. I don’t feel like this was justified or sufficiently researched. (Did people really say hipster in the 80s?) Eugenides seems to have taken the easy narrative road by avoiding the age of cellphones and the internet. Then again, maybe that’s the hidden reason I loved this book. Times were a bit simpler but love was not.

Yeah, I’d read about any book with that tag line.