The Uptown Theater opened this week with the This American Life movie Sleepwalk With Me.

When I heard about this movie, I worried it was going to be little more than a dramatization of the story Mike Birbiglia told years ago. His failing relationship. His sleepwalking. His beginning as a standup comic. In part, it was, but they created a narrative. That’s all I can ask from a movie these days, give me a narrative.

The movie is good, go see it. Ira Glass told me to tell you that.

Sorry about the lighting, Ira

Yeah that’s right Ira-fucking-Glass came to Minneapolis. Boom. He did a short Q & A after the film. I was in heaven. A dreamboat and a genius. What more can girl ask for? I’ve got such a nerd crush on Ira and I have since I heard his sweet voice on This American Life in Kuwait.

Also, in case you were wondering, Ira did LSD once when he was 38 because he was such a nerd during the years normal people do drugs that such experimentation, “didn’t seem like it would be interesting.” He’s so cool.