Once, at a bar, I told the lead singer of the Des Moines based band The Nadas that he was my new hero. The sweet, tired man listened to my drunken ramblings and asked, “Who was your old hero?” Without skipping a beat I pointed to my friend – standing an embarrassed yet protective distance away – and said, “Trina Lutes.”

Buck Brannaman – of the documentary Buck, which I put off watching for no good reason – is a different kind of hero.

Buck tells the story of Buck Brannaman, the real life “horse whisperer”. Buck’s patience with even the most stubborn horse proves the potential for human goodness. He is compassionate and kind and even though I don’t know anything about horses his methods have plenty to say about dealing with people: Be patient. Be kind. Remember that your energy/mood impacts the world.

I need to be reminded of those simple things once in a while. I think we all do. If you need a life affirming movie, give this a try. It’s sweet and quiet and beautiful.