The girlfriend and I went to test drive a car today.

My stepfather left me a “guy’s car” when he passed away last year. I call it a guy’s car because it looks like a normal sedan to me but once a week a guy stops to ask me what year it is and if it’s fun to drive. Meh, I say, it’s horrible in the snow.

So, I’m thinking about buying new for the first time or trying to, at least.

Bright and early, we drove to the Subaru dealer in the suburbs. The one google recommended. I’m still not sure why we chose that location. All those shinny cars lined up. We walked around a bit then decided to go inside where a middle aged man reluctantly helped us. Very reluctantly. He didn’t seem to believe I was serious. Maybe I don’t look like the kind of person who really buys a car. What do you think that person looks like? Then, after the test drive, after all the appropriate mpg and road worthy questions, I asked about the trade in value for my car. He offered me a third less than the other dealers I’d talked to.

“Those chips on the bumper you see,” he said, with that smile car sales men have, “They’d have to repaint the whole car. This is the best deal I could possibly give you.”

Fuck you, buddy, I wanted to say. I know I’m just a girl who doesn’t know anything about cars. I know I probably asked all the wrong questions. But look, I want to give you my business. I want to buy the product you’re selling. Doesn’t that deserve at least a little respect. But I didn’t.

I smiled, thanked him, and threw away his business card as soon as I got home.