I’ve seen a lot of movies – and TV shows and books and miniseries – that reaffirm the potential for human goodness. So much compassion. So much kindness. Obviously, I was due for a glimpse of the other side to that coin. The Imposter delivered:

I knew nothing about the movie going in other than the status of kind-of-documentary. (Some scenes are reenacted) In case you want to see it – thought I’m not sure you should – I won’t totally ruin it for you but here is the set up: A 13 year old boy goes missing in Texas. Nearly four years later a man in Spain claims to be that boy. Go.

Actually don’t go. It’s an interesting concept but I found myself left with no one to root for. The family has issues. The boys has issues. The government fails everybody. Oy. Maybe – as usual – that’s just me.