Back at crossfit today. Turns out taking two out of three weeks off is a bad idea. Oh summer, what have you done to me? Beer and fried food and lazy days. Oh my.

In my defense, I did watch a lot of Olympics. Not just the big events. I watched fencing and handball and men’s volleyball and canoeing, too. Did you know those crazy bastards kneel while they canoe? They look like gladiators. Maybe I left my running shoes in my bag because subconsciously I took on all of that effort. Maybe.

At least I had enough motivation to get my lazy-summer-ass to a workout today.

My front squat is getting stronger (though, yes, I’m still being schooled the 50 year olds) and my form looks better. It can be so damn hard to keep those elbows up. Of course that wasn’t the WOD though. The WOD was four rounds of 500m row and 400m run – a birthday concoction for someone. Let’s just say I’m not a great rower. Each round I felt like the poor Iranian girl who arrived at the finish line a full minute after everyone else. Someone has to come in last.

Regardless, I feel good. For now. Tomorrow might be different.