We went to the Fair! Damn, do I love the fair. Look at all those people!

The Grand Concourse

More than a million people come to the Iowa State Fair every year. There are only three million people in the entire state of Iowa. That’s some impressive math. But of course it’s popular. Fried food on a stick. The butter cow. Baby animals. Giant animals. Did I mention fried food on a stick?

Pickle Dawg = pickle, cream cheese and ham FRIED

I’ve missed the Iowa State Fair only once in my life. In 2002, I graduated Basic Training two days after the fair ended. Oops. Never again. On both of my deployments I was lucky enough to get leave to come back.  I’ve dragged the girlfriend down to Iowa for the fair three times already. Yeah, I’m serious about the fair.

It is awesome. See, here’s a kid giving the big pig some water:

And beautiful animals lounging in the barns…

More than the animals though, the people are fun to watch. Surly teenagers. Happy babies watching eggs hatch. Drunk country folk. City kids who’ve never smelled a barn. Oh goodness is the people watching fun.

Now my summer is complete.