You don’t get a smarter comedian/writer these days than Louis C.K.

Funny and kind? Can it be true?

I listened to a rebroadcast of the Fresh Air interview Louie did 2011. You should listen too: here’s a link. With each consecutive topic, after I finished laughing, I kept said, “Goddamnit he’s a good guy, like really a legitimately good  human being.” (yes, I literally said this out loud, in the car, to the bewilderment of the poodle) That’s not something I find myself saying about comics too often but Louie has a way of thinking through life and humor that strives to reach truth. Even if a subject is touchy or offensive Louie is full of kindness and gratitude and an awe for life you just don’t see from many balding middle-aged comics.

His comedy, his aura is something I can’t seem to articulate. Sorry, folks. Thankfully we bought tickets to his live show in October. Maybe that will clear things up.