More often than not I go to the regular classes instead of the beginner classes at my Crossfit gym these days. In general, I feel good about this move. (I’ll feel better when I haven’t just taken a week off, I’m sure) The main sticking point however is Little Miss Johnny Crossfit who probably climbs a rope to get into bed at night and uses Kettle Bells to make mashed potatoes. Ok maybe not, but she’s seriously Johnny about Crossfit. It’s intimidating as hell.

I wish there was some kind of intermediate class or perhaps master’s class where Johnny could go to be extra Johnny. Yeah that’d be better. It’s interesting that this particular girl irks me so. The coaches don’t. Neither do most of the other super crossfit athletes. But THIS girl makes me feel like shit for doing the modified exercises, for using less weight than prescribed. Why? As much as I’d like to put it on her I know it’s in my head. If I feel bad about picking up that lighter kettle bell then I need to try harder.

Try harder, do better. It’s just that easy, right?