My brother is 16. He’s a good kid. Runs cross-country, rebuilds old cars, and stoically suffers as the only recipient of my mother’s chore-nagging. On our family vacation we live in very close quarters. I like to think that I’m a patient person but I find myself yelling at him often. He puts the milk away wrong. Closes the front door too slowly. Walks across the street without enough vigilance.

What the fuck is wrong with me?! No one needs to be corrected on how to walk across the street.

My patience flags so completely when surrounded by family. I can see it but I can’t control it. Maybe that’s the first step: seeing it. If I can just process what I see. What makes me yell? What makes me feel the need to correct my brother? I want to be patient person but even more I want my brother to know me as a patient sister. I’ll try harder.

Even the dog has the patience to wait for this squirrel.

Maybe I can learn from her.