As a fan of Alison Bechdel’s first graphic-memoir Fun Home I was stoked to read the follow up work:

Where Fun Home focused primarily on Bechdel’s father, Are You My Mother? focuses on her mother. Well that’s the claim. The book is really more about the book itself. Yeah, meta, right? Too meta if you ask me. I found, when I was done reading that I didn’t actually know much about Bechdel’s mother. I did know that they talk a lot and the book was hard to write.

This feels like the work that a writer often needs to do before the real writing can begin. Like when I write “Dear Journal, Writing is hard. Real hard. I wish I was prettier and funnier and smarter. Maybe I should write about teaching, yeah that’d be good! But I’ll change all the names. Yeah, that’s it!” Ya know?

Then again maybe this book is over my head but I can’t say I’d recommend it. Just go read Fun Home again, it’s lovely.