I decided to write something new today – not a blog post, not a chapter for my book, nothing about the Army – something brand-fucking-new. That’s what writers do, right? And I at least claim I want to be a writer. The concept for the essay is something about being a teacher and student at the same time. Intrigued? Me neither. But that was the bubble of an idea floating around my brain so, like a nonfiction acrobat, I tried all the clichéd moves: write a scene, write an outline, write a goddamn thesis statement. Junk, all junk. Then I tried to do everything against the grain. I summarized and used adverbs and did all the things I told my students never to do. I couldn’t get into it. I’ve forgotten how to construct an essay.

Or I’m just out of practice. (I hope. Maybe. Please.) I’ll try again tomorrow because, really, I love a good essay.

For now, the poodle and I are going to think about this rainbow: