Years ago my mother’s cousin – let’s call her Janey – found a parakeet in her backyard. Janey did all the responsible things you do when you find a lost pet. She put up posters, asked her neighbors, tried not to get too attached. But you see, Janey rarely leaves the house so she did get attached. That bird needed a friend and when they died she needed more. I can’t think of Janey without hearing those birds.

This morning, when I let the dog out to pee, there was a bright yellow canary (I think it was a canary but I’m not ornithologist) perched on the neighbor’s roof. I’ve never seen such a yellow bird. It almost felt like a dream. I’m pretty sure canaries aren’t native to Minnesota.

For a brief moment my still half-asleep brain thought, what if I became a bird lady? What if I lured that little guy into our house? But the dog wanted to go back to bed and when we got up for reals an hour later the bird was gone.