Crossfit is built on competition. Until recently my competition has been some badass 50 year old women. Yesterday, a new girl started. She’s my age-ish (late 20s, early 30s) and I don’t like her. The way I don’t like her is immature and unwarranted and deep in my chest. She wouldn’t stop talking about how much she loves pilates. Bully for you, I thought.

Then, as we settled into the WOD (Workout Of the Day), I realized she was cheating – not doing full reps for each exercise. My anger quickly synthesized into righteousness. The old high school gym teacher’s voice popped into my head “you’re only cheating yourself”. It’s too ugly a phrase to say out loud to a stranger but really what was she trying to prove? I wanted to beat her, get a better time than her. Even more, I wanted to win. So I did all my reps. I worked until my knees and elbows shook with exhaustion. Then, though she finished a full minute before I did, I won.

Thanks, new-girl.