I drove to Iowa this week to visit my family. Thankfully the dog is hypnotized by the car.


The dog is thrilled to be in Iowa where she has acres to run free and the family spoils her rotten. She love it until she runs across the neighbor’s yard and screams when remembers their boxer weighs 93lbs more than she does.

This trip means i’ll be away from crossfit for a week. More than my devotion to fitness and crossfit and all things self-improving (which I’m still not sure exists), I am afraid of those cramping arms. I am afraid of continuing to be schooled by the fifty year old women in my beginners class. Thus, I made my own little backyard workout. Running back and forth across the backyard I lifted tractor weights, pulled myself up with a tie down strap hung from my brother’s tree house and held myself in the plank until my arms shook. I’m sure the neighbors thought I’d gone crazy but it’s nice that even outside of the gym this program is helping my motivation.